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Panorama der Landschaft auf Titan, zusammengesetzt aus den Bilder der Sonde Huygens. Panorama_by Rene Pascal_Bonn_February 6, 2005

On January 14, 2005, the European Space Agency's Huygens Probe parachuted through the Atmosphere of Saturn's Moon Titan, and even landed softly on a plain on its surface. A flood of scientific data was transmitted via the NASA's Cassini Orbiter to Earth, the most interesting ones being images of the landscape, that were obtained by the slowly spinning probe on her way through the hazy atmosphere of Titan. With the decision to make the raw data available to the public, the ESA made it possible for everyone with deeper interest to contribute to this historic space mission. I personally concentrated on assembling the individual frames into Panoramic Views and Mosaic Images of the surface of Titan, so they become part of a larger context. The work was carried out in my rare leisure time, because of enthusiasm for this mission.
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